I ….. love salsa

15 Sep

ok, here is the song for today.

I love Salsa by N’Klabe…..


letter H, dedicated to my sister

14 Sep

ok, this afternoon i got some help from my sister to brainstorm about the “letter H song”

I know she likes this,…so have fun Cathy.

The theme song of Heidi. Who grew up with this?


13 Sep

ok, today i am in the mood for a good old take 6 song


enjoy and have a nice weekend

F is reserved for a luxembourgish musician

12 Sep

Today i share my song a bit later then usual. It has been quite a long day, and that’s way i chose a different category of music.

This is the piano duo of not only a great musician and composer, but also a fantastic person; luxembourgish pianist Michel Reis. I have the honour to have known him already since high school. Thanks fir this beautiful music to end my day

Michel Reis – Alain Mallet Duo / Folk Song


11 Sep

Today a beautiful Tango by Carlos Gardel and Alfredo Le Pera, but this time interpreted by a trio of powerful women

Lila Downs, Niña Pastori y Soledad

El dia que me quieras

letter D

10 Sep

With letter D we will stay in Brazil, with a song by Grupo Revelação, one of my favourite Pagode bands ever.

Deixa Acontecer

letter C as Carolina

9 Sep

ok, I promised you a different country. We move over to Brazil with a song by Seu Jorge,

have fun with Carolina.