29 Mar

On April 1st, the Metropole orchestra is inviting for the second time musicians from the worldmusic and jazz scene to perform with them in the big hall of the De Doelen, in Rotterdam. 

Amonst the soloists is also Alberto Caicedo, the colombian Salsa singer.

He will perform two of his compositions together with the orchestra and  Drums United directed by Lucas van Merwijk.

The first song is the Salsa composition Poquito de amor from his first album “La Voz de Colombia”. The lyrics are talking about today’s problem that there is not enough love in the world. People should share love with each other and create a better world. “Don’t wait until the last moment to tell your family and friends that you love them!”

Al ritmo de mi guitarra, the second song is a traditional Colombian aguabajo and will the released on the new album coming out this year. The rhythm is slow and originates from the pacific coast of Colombia. It sounds a bit like Cuban son and is normally played with guitars, piano, bass, the guazas (Colombian shakers) and bombos. The melancholic song is describing how people of the region meet next to the river under the full moon to sing and share the stories of their daily life. The name of the song was chosen because the guitar is next to the marimba and the bombo the main instrument of the folkloric music from the Pacific.

Do not miss this amazing concert!

more details here:


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