world music in Luxembourg: part1

6 Jun

Hi you all

i will make here a new collection of world music concerts in Luxembourg. Sometimes great concerts are offered, but it is a pity to see that there is a lack of knowledge amongst music fans here. 

That is why i will keep an eye on what is going on, and will inform you here about artists that are visiting our country.

The first band i want to announce is Fra Fra Sound. They are based in Amsterdam and will give a concert during the All American music festival that is held on june 12th and 13th. 

They have as special guest Deborah Carter. Showtime: June 12th 3.45 pm – 4.45 pm on the PLACE GUILLAUME II, LUXEMBOURG-CITY.

About Fra Fra Sound: 

Formed in 1980 by Suriname teenagers, this band offers a blend of black music. They express their identity through music by combining the Kaseko style with Jazz, African rhythms and Caribbean dance music. They talk also about powerful Afro funk. 

Fra Fra sound in the ’80s:


and today:


Rein Spoorman on Kaseko:

The Surinamese-Dutch musicologist Ronald Snijders states in his postgraduate thesis that the word kaseko is probably derived from Surinam’s eastern neighbor French Guyana. It is believed to be a corruption of the expression ‘casser le corps’ (break the body) which was used in the slavery period to denote a fast ‘devil’ dance from rural areas in which dancers shook their bodies.

Kaseko is the dance and entertainment music of the Surinamese Creoles, the descendants of the African slaves. It is created from a fusion of western march music, chorales, jazz , calypso and other popular music from the countries surrounding Surinam with Afro-Surinamese folk traditions.


The present formation of Fra Fra Sound has existed since 1998 and its bassist and bandleaderVincent Henar is as solid as a rock. Guitarist Andro Biswane is unique in his ability to incorporate the fingerpicking-technique styles of Africa and the Caribbean with the jazz guitar. Pianist Robin van Geerke is a master in harmonic tensions. Saxophonist Efraïm Trujillo and trumpeter Michael Simon, both experienced arrangers and composers, form such a tight duo they often seem as one person. Drummer Walther Muringen not only provides excellent timing but adds colour to both the soloists and ensembles. Percussionist Carlo Hoop alternates effortlessly between modern and traditional African rhythms. He and Robin van Geerke have been members of the band since the end of the 1980’s.



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