Music In All

3 Sep

The new project of Katja Maria Slotte and me got started! We are online now, and you can also follow us on twitter.

visit our site at:


Music In All is a blog on music and vocal education maintained by Katja Maria Slotte and Jeanne Schmartz. They are both active as musicians and teachers, and have trained and worked internationally among others in The Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Scotland, Germany, Canada, and Luxembourg.


The Music In All team provides creative music education projects for all ages, as well as professional development and pedagogical coaching in music and vocal education. We are specialized in working with the singing voice and with percussion instruments, in vocal and speech techniques, as well as in projects that combine multiple art disciplines (music, theater, dance, visual arts).

Our areas of expertise include:
• Vocal education (beginning up to professional level, techniques for all music styles)
• Music education (early childhood up to secondary level)
• Percussion (Afro-Cuban, Latin, Brazilian)

Our working languages are: English, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, French, German, and Luxembourgish.

Here the official invitation for our first workshop in luxembourg:

music in all 3


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