luxembourgish music for the world 2: JAZZ

30 Oct

today i will focus on some  luxembourgish jazz musicians, which are not only great musicians but even greater personalities.

some are good friends of mine.



Michel Reis, Piano

Born in Luxembourg, Michel Reis discovered Music at an early age. After four years of classical training at the piano, Reis’s introduction to jazz and improvisation unlocked new and exciting possibilities for him as a pianist and composer. The decision to make music his profession made him move to the United-States to study with some of the greatest musicians of our time.

Currently based in New York, Reis has three albums out under his name: A Young Mind (2005) and Fairytale (2009) both for the European record label Waltzing-Parke Records. He just released his third album entitled Point of No Return for the American label Armored Records.



Marc Lohr, Drums and electronics

marc lohr (drums/electronics) grew up in luxembourg where he studied jazz as well as classical music; he graduated from the royal conservatory in the hague, holland; after residing in copenhagen he now lives in berlin. he mostly plays music which is or includes improvisation; he writes music for instruments, electronic devices and moving people.



Pascal Schumacher, Vibraphone


Pascal Schumacher has been described as a “Goldsmith” in his art, a boundary-pushing musician, 
a resourceful improviser and an imaginative composer. Keen to explore the links that exist between many musical 
genres, it is difficult to pigeon–hole his talent, his taste or his musical influences.
One thing is certain: he is a Vibraphone player with a unique aptitude and sensitivity who manages 
to inject panache and flamboyance into every performance.



David Laborier, Guitar:


David Laborier (Guitars), Boris Schmidt (Bass), Michel Mootz (Drums)

Having studied and lived in the U.S.A. and the Netherlands (he studied at Berklee in Boston and the Royal Conservatoire in Den Haag) Laborier founded his trio in 2003 and recorded his first original album titled “David Laborier Trio” for WPRJazz.

on this video with romain heck on bass. Drummer Michel Mootz is also from Luxembourg, and playing with many different band and jazz formations, but also is a classical percussion performer and drummer of singer songwriter Daniel Balthasar.


much more to come!


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