the tradition of the bratzel

18 Mar

today we were celebrating in luxembourg the “bratzelsonndeg”, the sunday of the pretzel.

what is that????

on Halleffaaschten, the third sunday in lent, we have an old tradition, where we give each other a bratzel as a present.

Unlike the german bretzel, the luxembourgish is sweet, and i just love it!!!

the tradition says that if a young man likes a woman, he will offer her on this particular day a bratzel. if she accepts it, he is invited in return on easter sunday, and will receive some easter eggs. if she refuses the bratzel ( i could never do that,….. loving them too much hihi), she will give him a basket. This is explaining also our expression de Kuerf kréien meaning ending a relationship or not reciprocating somebody’s feelings.

as this year we have a leap year, it is the woman’s turn to buy a bratzel to the beloved.

the tradition first started in the region of the Musel, where Luxembourg’s wineyards can be found. here you can also see vine branches in forms of a bratzel. this is done for some wine quality reasons which i do not really understand.


anyway,….going to the kitchen now, eating a piece of the bratzel i offered myself today!!!!



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