cuban musicians vs latin american musicians

25 Mar

just to start this post:

i am neither in favor of the one group nor the other. i just want to share some thoughts that makes me think quite a lot the last days. reason for that are two concerts i visited the past two weeks here in luxembourg.

earlier this month the great new york-based salsa band spanish harlem orchestra came to luxembourg to make people move there bodies……… what a shame, the venue was not even half filled, even though the organizers sold the band as the new-yorican answer to the buena vista social club! why? because this is a name people are familiar with!

then this weekend the cuban band los van van came and played at the same venue: sold out!


what is reason for this cubamania? i admit, at the beginning of my musical studies i was a huge fan of cuban music. this was due to the fact that the movie of buena vista social club, released in 1999, made the “latin” music for the first time known in my small country luxembourg. after that, motivated to get to know more, i made my research on cuban music. but later on i realized that other countries have at least as much to offer…… i mean…Salsa, is it anyway cuban? (but this is a whole different story…)


anyway….. how is it that in general cuban bands still sell better? are they prouder of what is theirs, and are therefor doing the promotion job better than others? or is it the fault of the salsa dance schools, that many times just offer one view? or a political thing? i honestly do not understand this strange phenomenon!


just to let you know:

i like cuban music a lot, but do not agree that this is all!


do you have the answer? please let me know.



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